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April 2022: Monaco-1300 released by Coherent.

The first commercial one-box laser systems for 3-photon microscopy have been released. Light Conversion were the first to market with the Cronus-3P. This month, Coherent added the Monaco-1300. Much like two-box lasers, the Monaco-1300 is OPA-based and offers substantial power (2.5 W) and repetition rates up to 4 MHz, but it also adds built-in power modulation and pulse compression, removing the need for a Pockels cell and external pulse compressor.

Around 20 years ago, the advent of one-box 2-photon lasers greatly facilitated 2-photon microscopy and coincided with an increase in adoption of 2-photon microscopy by biologists. Will these new one-box 3-photon lasers drive broader adoption of 3-photon microscopy?

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