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Resources available for download include 3-photon data sets and software tools.

Data set: near-simultaneous 2- and 3-photon excitation​​​

Takasaki et al. (2020) generated near-simultaneous 2- and 3-photon

fluorescence movies to compare imaging modalities.


Movies are available for download from the CRCNS data sharing site.

GCaMP6s fluorescence.

910 and 1300 nm excitation.

400 x 200 µm field of view.

~3.6 Hz frame rate.

220-650 µm below the pial surface

      of mouse primary visual cortex.

Tool: PSF calculator​​​

Our PSF calculator is a Jupyter notebook that uses ​vectorial diffraction theory, specifically the equations of Richards & Wolf (1959), to calculate aberration-free microscope point spread functions (PSFs) from three user-defined inputs: wavelength, numerical aperture and refractive index of the immersion medium.

Download from figshare.

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